Teaches early-stage entrepreneurs the framework to build a world-class advisory board with start-up dollars.  This is the one thing that you can do to radically ramp up your company – no matter how small your network.

Building a team of accomplished professionals can fast-track your growth, help you raise funds and save you years of expensive trial and error.

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“Deb built a phenomenal advisory board for our company, Cat Perkins. In her class she teaches the exact format that she used to surround us with experienced advisors in various fields that were essential in helping our business. Her class is a must.”

- Catherine Levene, Former President, Meredith National Media Group. Board Member, NPR


For founders who don’t love finance, we demystify the process + show you the key things you need to know to quickly find the most viable funding for your company.  

Get step-by-step tactics, actionable strategies, tools, resources, and templates to create a clear action plan.

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"One of the biggest benefits of the course, other than learning the tactical information was learning that it is possible and it is important. I didn't think about it in the same way that I do's a very good way to build a team without going through the full hiring process. It can build your legitimacy with investors as well as provide valuable feedback and introductions."

-Jack Winston


Data is what investors look at before funding.  Data is what you should be analyzing to see if your product or service is on the right track.  But data is challenging to collect on early-stage companies.

This class teaches you dozens of innovative ways to test your products and services and to understand the data. Iterate and end up with a product or service that customers passionately want to buy!

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"Deb's three-week course provides invaluable wisdom and helpful resources she gleaned from her entrepreneurial journey. As a founder, you will learn how to quickly scale your startup and help you build a successful business."

- Cherie Werner, Fiesta Founder