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About Deb

I'm Deb Perkins

I'm passionate about teaching you everything I've learned as an entrepreneur, founder, consultant, board member, advisor and digital educator, so that you can create a company that gets funded.


This is where our team work makes your dream work!

I started my career in sales and marketing at IBM, then went on to build two new lines of business within large corporations: the country’s largest training company in 80 major markets, and Verizon’s first non-telephone product.

However, coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it wasn’t long before I exited corporate life to start ventures of my own. 

All our experiences shape us!

I understand what it's like to jolt awake at 3am worried about making payroll.

As a founder, co-founder or consultant, I've started companies or worked with the founding team in CPG, SaaS, Tech, Manufacturing, Retail, Educational Services and D2C businesses.

I've gone deep into angel funding, friends & family rounds of financing, grants, crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, pre-selling and every creative way of raising funds right up to a VC round of funding.

Oh, the lessons I've learned after meeting with hundreds of investors over the past 20 years! 




We teach early-stage entrepreneurs how to build the type of company that gets funded. 


Companies get funded when they have:

+ an innovative product or service with big market opportunity

+ the right team and go-to-market strategy

+ traction in the marketplace


So, we teach team-building, collecting data to prove (and improve) concept, and early-stage funding strategies to get your company to thrive - until later-stage funding kicks in.



We focus on what we can control.

We HATE that less than 3% of VC and high-end funding goes to women and under-represented minorities. We strive to change that statistic by creating stronger early-stage companies that succeed in finding market traction, and eventually receive funding. Or, succeed without it!


We focus on what gets results.

We teach actionable, tactical, practical and proven methods for success without taking up your time with theory.  You leave our classes knowing exactly what you need to know about what's working NOW.  We tell it like it is.


We provide a safe, convenient space to learn (no judgement.)

We know what it's like to be a Founder & CEO and not understand how to do EVERYTHING. We create an environment where you can ask questions, learn at your own pace, on your own time, and always find the answers you need to take action,100%.

Broad of Director's resources are devoted to helping other entrepreneurs succeed at building the type of company that gets funded!


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“I think your class was amazing. The part about the "Asking Mindset" taught me that this [building an advisory board] isn't a weird thing to do! I have some limiting beliefs around cold outreach. Knowing that there are tactics to use and a common playbook, really helped in the belief and the confidence that I could do this.”

-Jack Winston, FOUNDER

"Deb's three-week course provides
invaluable wisdom and helpful resources she gleaned from her entrepreneurial
journey. As a founder, you will learn how to quickly scale your startup and help you
build a successful business."

-Cherie Werner, Fiesta Founder

"Deb is a natural teacher! She clearly
knows what she's talking about, and she
has a great delivery."

Broadly Advised student, Michael Dodd

[Our meeting with Deb was] the was the realest meeting we ever had. She gave us all the tea and kept it 100.

- Sydney Washington

“Deb built a phenomenal advisory board for our
company, Cat Perkins. In her class she teaches the exact format that she used to surround us
with experienced advisors in various fields that were essential in helping our business. Her class is a must.”

- Catherine Levene, Former President, Meredith National Media Group. Board Member, NPR

“Having Deb on your team means you will win!”

-Craig Spitzer, CEO, a2c.

Sometimes, Funding is Everything

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If you want to radically improve your experience as an entrepreneur (as in fewer sleepless nights and more time spent in the zone of excitement and creativity), focus on figuring out your funding strategy.

Join one of our live workshops:

3 Must-Dos to Secure 6 & 7+ Figures in Startup Funding

⚡How to keep investors on the edge of their seats with excitement about you, your team and your brand story;

⚡The exact approach to follow to get funding based on your business stage and product type;

⚡How to prepare yourself, your data and your company to be Investor Ready for investor meetings.


We help Entrepreneurs achieve their goals:

✔ Build a successful startup, be a more effective entrepreneur and find funding by taking one of our premier digital courses (with live sessions) launching several times a year


✔ Get the support you need from our community of like-minded entrepreneurs (and a treasure-trove of resources and 1:1 expert advice)


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